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Back to School

Most of us have seen stories about our country's youth mental health crisis. From an ongoing pandemic, lack of in-person social interactions, social upheaval, and more, kids and teens are facing once-in-a-lifetime events that even adults aren’t sure how to handle.


Our behavioral healthcare field is also facing workforce shortages. This affects the professional services available to our youth during this difficult time. So, we are equipping others in our community who influence young people. Parents and teachers, with support, are best able to help the children in their lives.


Mental Health America released their new Back-to-School Toolkit covering “all the feels” our youth are experiencing during this new school year. The toolkit has resources on the issues impacting young people’s mental health. There are tips on how to deal with them and the resulting emotions. The MHA toolkit can help parents and school staff better understand the issues, such as the effects of social media on youth mental health, and how to be supportive.

Celebrate You 2022
An event held on August 5 at Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe

The Mental Helath & Recovery Services Board hosted Celebrate You 2022 on August 5 at Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe. We invited everyone for live music, wonderful food and expressive art. Thankfully the rain held off allowing us to celebrate our community’s diversity!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success for the second year in a row! Special thank you to our event partners:

  • Mental Health Ambassadors

  • Mixed Vibes

  • Courtney Owens

  • Voices of Prosperity

  • Artspace/Lima

  • Taco Movil Lima

  • Aysha’s Subs & Burgers

Photos from Celebrate You 2022
These can also be viewed on our Facebook and Instagram @wecarepeople

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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