Peer Recovery Coaching

Peer Recovery Coaching is a strengths-based support for persons with addictions or in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Recovery coaches work with those who are in active addiction as well as people who are already in recovery. Recovery Coaches enhance the experience of recovery by offering support, encouragement, hope, and resources to people in their journey to wellness. Recovery Coaches are in recovery from their own addiction which helps to build a relationship of trust. Coaches focus on the present and future with their clients and help them navigate the recovery path they desire.

Penny Smallwood is a Peer Mentor who works for Coleman Professional Service’s program, Changing Seasons. Penny’s favorite part of her job is getting to know people. Penny notes that her biggest success in her role at Changing Seasons is creating Penny’s Closet which is a clothing store within Changing Seasons. The store offers clothing at a discounted price for those in need. When Penny was asked where she saw herself in the next 5 years she said, “Working more here at Changing Seasons and learning how to use the computer better.”

Meet Penny Smallwood

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons is a peer-led drop-in wellness, support, and recovery center. The mission of Changing Seasons is to provide a safe place where individuals receive encouragement, respect, and hope that supports and strengthens their recovery. Changing Seasons serves as a place where members learn about their illnesses or addiction, talk with others about their struggles and recovery, and spend time with others. Some specific services provided are: the promotion of good health and hygiene, skill building for daily living skills, and peer-led support groups.

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

529 S. Elizabeth St.

Lima, OH 45804