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Coleman Professional Services Offers New Program

Mobile Response Stabilization Service (MRSS) was created to support children and families in crisis as defined by the individual child or family. Mobile response is delivered to children experiencing escalating emotional symptoms, behaviors, or traumatic circumstances that have compromised or impacted their ability to function within their family, living situation, school, or community.


Without intervention, these children, many with histories of trauma, may be at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, out-of-home treatment, legal charges, or loss of their living arrangement. The goal of MRSS is to provide intervention and support at the earliest moment families identify that help is needed. Early intervention increases the opportunity to minimize the likelihood of future crises and supports a child and family’s path to success.


The MRSS team is comprised of peer supporters and a licensed social worker who will respond to the family where they are comfortable whether that be in the community, their home, or school. 


When there is a crisis, an MRSS worker is available to help de-escalate, assess, and develop a plan together with the child and family. MRSS is accessible through the HOPEline at 800-567-HOPE (4673).


The MRSS Team

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.