JULY 2018

SAFY Summer Youth Programs

SAFY Behavioral Health has summer youth programming running until school starts. Youth are engaged in a number of pro-social programs and activities during the summer months including things like yoga, gardening, game nights, creative expression through art, scavenger hunts, and support groups for emotional health. There have been over 50 youth who are involved in these activities. One of the big projects for the youth has been “Cleaning up Lima.” The kids have picked up over 200 pounds of litter to help clean up the city. 

Meet Heather Hatcher

Heather Hatcher has been with SAFY for two years. She is an Outreach Coordinator and supervises the day-to-day functions of the Youth Drop-In Center. She is currently working on obtaining her Bachelor of Social Work degree. She is passionate about the teens we serve in the Drop-In Center. She strives to collaborate with community stakeholders and she always makes time for a youth who needs a listening ear. She is a Lima native and is proud to serve our community.

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

529 S. Elizabeth St.

Lima, OH 45804