JUNE 2019

Local Minority Outreach

Dr. Derry Glenn assumed the Minority Outreach Liaison position in 2018 with Coleman Professional Services. The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board supports this role. He works with churches and other agencies to connect minorities to services for substance use or mental health issues. 


He acts as an advocate and helps navigate resources. Dr. Glenn works to meet clients where they are. Once with them, he stays until they are comfortable in the many systems to which they may need to be connected.


Regardless of how a citizen came to their current situation, Dr. Glenn encourages the community’s responsibility to assure every citizen the right to live a peaceful and rewarding life. Dr. Glenn speaks to civic and service organizations, churches, and neighborhood groups. When speaking, he leads an open and honest dialogue about mental health and addiction. 

Coleman's Minority Outreach Liaison

Dr. Derry Glenn is a proud graduate of Lima Central Catholic. He received his Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from Central State University. Dr. Glenn went on to get his Pastoral Counseling Doctorate from the School of the Spirit.

A dedicated member of the Lima community, Dr. Glenn won the Southside Neighborhood Association Councilman of the Year Award in 2010. He received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Keeping the Dream Alive Award in 2012. Dr. Glenn continues to make a difference, recently winning the Jefferson Award in 2019. 


Dr. Glenn works for Coleman Professional Services as the Minority Outreach Liaison. He is active in the Lima community, holding events to bring awareness to opiate addiction.

Dr. Derry Glenn during outreach

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

529 S. Elizabeth St.

Lima, OH 45804