The LOSS Team (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors)

                                         The LOSS Team (Local Outreach to Suicide         

                                         Survivors) is a highly trained group of

                                         volunteers, with the optimal makeup of 50%                                                 suicide survivors, who go to the scenes of         

                                         suicides and disseminate information about     

                                         local resources and be the installation of hope                                             for the newly bereaved. The approach was

                                         designed to complement the services provided at the scene of  a suicide by adding a new team of first responders. The approach was developed by Dr. Frank Campbell in 1997 to interrupt the multi-generational impact of risk that survivors of suicide are often reported to have as a legacy of suicide.  The LOSS Team is coordinated by PVFF (Partnership for Violence Free Families). This evidence-based approach is sanctioned by the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation and is currently being utilized throughout Ohio and the United States as a postvention approach for the prevention of future suicides. 

The goals of the LOSS Team approach are to:

  • Allow survivors opportunity to start healing immediately

  • Give permission for families and loved ones to talk about their experience

  • Link new survivors to their community so they do not feel so alone

  • Share needed information and resources with survivors immediately

  • Provide mental health services “Fast-Tracked” through Coleman Behavioral Health

Meet Chris Estes

Chris Estes has worked with area non-profits for the past 2 years as a marketing and event specialist and as a marketing specialist with local radio and newspapers for the past 20 years. Chris is the Prevention Marketing Specialist at PVFF who shares mental health & addiction resources with local businesses, churches, schools and institutions. Chris supervises the support group programs in the three-county area and assists with the LOSS Team Suicide Response Program. Chris grew up in Auglaize County and is a resident of Allen County along with her husband and family. 


Lifelines a comprehensive, whole-school suicide prevention curriculum for implementation in middle school and high school, facilitated by PVFF (Partnership for Violence Free Families). Students participate in role-playing exercises that teach them what to do when faced with a suicidal peer. The exercises feature an emphasis on seeking adult help and frank discussions on the warning signs of suicide. In the process of teaching students how to help a friend, students who may be suicidal themselves will learn the importance of getting help as well. This compelling program is an ideal component to every school's prevention programming.

Meet Kaprice Pickering

Kaprice Pickering is the Lifelines Program Prevention Specialist for Partnership for Violence Free Families. Previously, she worked at Health Partners of Western Ohio as a center receptionist and Allen County Department of Job and Family Services as an eligibility specialist. As the Lifelines Prevention Specialist, Kaprice will be facilitating the Lifelines program for both middle and high schools. She will also be helping to recruit schools and coordinate the program. She has volunteered with many organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Children's Resource Center. Kaprice is currently certified in Mental Health First Aid for adults and seeking certification for youth as well. Kaprice graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. 

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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Lima, OH 45804