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October 2022

I Mind Program for Students in Grad 7-12

“I mind if you vape.” - Parent


As your kids head back to school, they might find themselves facing disciplinary measures if school Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) policies are violated. Violations include vaping or bringing alcohol to campus. Discipline often comes with the side effect of taking students out of school, sports, and other activities. Students facing their first offense need prevention programming and a positive community to turn from potential substance use disorders. 


“I mind if you’re falling behind in school.” - Teacher


I Mind is a voluntary one-day, weekend program that helps students return to school or after-school programs as quickly as possible. It provides prevention programming to help youth turn from potential substance use disorders and reconnects them to their positive communities. I Mind is available for grades 7-12.


The program consists of evidence-informed education and a substance use intervention assessment. The program covers prevention and intervention and includes a small group discussion. Topics include prevention on smoking, vaping, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. 


“I mind that you can’t compete with us.” - Coach

“I mind that our team is losing because you can’t play.” - Teammate


Each student will take a Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) will assess substance use disorders. Parents will receive screening results at a later time after review through the School Navigator. The school will not receive or have access to the screening results.


The school will contact parents with I Mind information when a student violates the AOD policy. The parent will then register their child for the immediately available Saturday. I Mind is also open to referral. You can send your child to the I Mind program if you have concerns about substance use, like vaping or drinking. Parents can register their children before any school policies are violated.


“I mind that this is hurting your health.” - Doctor


The cost is $25. It covers lunch, the SASSI Report, and helps with other program costs. A hardship form is available with the school’s principal for parents unable to cover the $25. 


Parents can easily register with PASS at Find your county’s next date on the events page and register.

Halloween & Mental Health

Mental health isn't scary. But sometimes Halloween can bring up things relating to mental health that need to be addressed. Some kids and even adults can find aspects of the holiday to be scary. Anxiety or other mental health conditions could be triggered by anything from decorations to horror movie trailers. These are real fears that can come up every year.

Then there is the stigma surrounding mental illnesses perpetuated by things like costumes or haunted attractions. All of this can make Halloween a little more complicated than trick-or-treating with your children. Here are some resources on these topics and tips on how to navigate it all. 

"Halloween is supposed to be fun, but fun isn’t mandatory." - Harry Kimball 

Tips for Parents

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Halloween & Mental Health

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Mental Illness Is Not a Halloween Costume

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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