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Cultivate Joy

All of us have computer screen savers. What is yours? A picture of a loved one? Children playing? A friend? Is your screen saver a scene from a beach, a mountain, or a field of flowers? My guess is that it is something that brings you joy. You can have screen savers in your mind too. That’s how you cultivate joy. Pick a scene from your childhood - not the one where you felt shame, blame, or judgement. NO! Pick the scene where you experienced joy. Can you recall the details? Sights? Smells? Colors? Feelings? OK. Now hit “save.” Remember it!

Exercise Helps You Feel Good - A Lot!

How can I create a healthy organism that supports my desire to live fully, joyfully and resiliently? We all have heard from the time we were young that exercise is important. But no one ever explained to me the connection between exercise and our immune systems which is key to feeling good. Moderate, regular exercise helps the immune system by moderating the effects of stress. Lowered stress has a beneficial effect on your health. High, constant stress is detrimental to your health. People who experience high stress get more colds, suffer more digestive tract problems and have more frequent bouts of fatigue. Regular exercise provides an outlet consuming much of the nervous energy produced

Five Ways to Practice Feeling Good

Feeling good doesn't totally depend on what happens outside of you. It has more to do with what is going on inside of you. It is so easy to blame a boss, colleague or significant other for your bad humor. We have all practiced blame and we're good at it. I have noticed that a lot of what I experience depends on what I expect in that moment. A grouchy server in a restaurant becomes gentler because I make it my intention to smile whenever I speak to her. When a meeting starts with a joke or a little fun the group relaxes and solutions are forthcoming to big problems in unexpected ways. Here are five ways to practice feeling good. See if one of these fits and then give it a try. 1. Medi

Practice Feeling Good

I find myself bombarded everyday with bad news. The radio blares out everything wrong that has happened that day and even regurgitates and reminds me of all that has happened the day before. I wonder whether anything good has ever happened. Aren't stories where people help one another, succeed against great odds, or make a contribution news worthy? We have plenty of opportunities to practice feeling bad. There always seems to be plenty of judgement, blame, and accusations to go around. I ruminate about current events. I worry about the future. I think about the past. Lots of opportunity to feel bad. What if I changed my mind? What would happen? What if I spent more time appreciating, affirmi

Wellness Welcome

For years now I have been exploring mental wellness. It has been both a personal and professional journey to learn more about what it takes to stay well. I am becoming more and more interested in what it takes to live a full and vibrant life in whatever circumstance I find myself. I had to unlearn an idea that wellness was something a few people either inherited genetically or inherited because of personal wealth. I had to unlearn that doing what was life giving for me was not something that I had to wait to win the lottery or retire. Wellness and well-being are available to us all regardless of disability, situation, state in life, or age. That is because living a full, vibrant, and fulfill

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