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Practice Appreciation

When was the last time you met someone who was really joyful? Who just seemed to exude joy? Have you ever met someone who just lights up a room? You just can’t help but smile when you are around them? Did you ever wonder why they are so darn happy when everyone else seems so glum? So depressed? My guess is that is someone who has learned to look for something positive wherever they are - That is called the Practice of Appreciation. Jack Canfield - remember Jack, the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy? - Well Jack Canfield in an article quotes a management study that revealed that 46% of employees leave companies because they felt unappreciated; 61% said their bosses don’t place much im

Walking to Work

On Monday this week I began walking to work again. It's 2.5 miles each way and takes me a little over 40 minutes each morning and evening. I love it. Setting off about 7:00 I get to see the world waking up. This time in the Spring the air is alive with the sound of birds. The trees are all budding out and the spring flowers just seem to light my way. My wife Mary walks with me to our half way point which is a beautiful pine tree planted in honor of my mother who died eight years ago. It's right near the playground on the east end of Faurot Park. I am on my own then and when I cross the bridge to the Rotary River Walk I am really in another world. Here on the banks of the river I see two

Philip Atkins - A Personal Tribute

It is a rare occurrence to come to work everyday where you share responsibility and creativity with a person you respect, admire and genuinely like. For the past 10 years this has been my work experience. Together Philip and I decided that the most important thing to accomplish was that anyone who needed help could find it and access it easily. Philip expanded our presence through social media, facebook, and a host of outreach and awareness activities thorughout our communities. We knew that the only option for people couldn't be just treatment, we needed a wider array of opportunties for people to get help. Philip began to train support group facilitators of which over 130 have been train


Last Tuesday was amazing! This was such an effort on the part of everyone to make sure that our message got out. Thanks especially to Bobbie Spence and her son Scott who travelled all over the three counties. Thanks to Sandy and Eddie Monfort who organized over 50 walkers and who walked miles and miles themselves. Thanks to Margaret Lawerence who made things happen with the Coleman staff. Thanks to Modo Media for their creativity and especially for their tolerance at my constant "updating." Thanks to Laura Ulrick for her amazing efforts on Facebook. Thanks to Kelly Monroe for those great articles in our newsletter - We are looking forward to more. Thanks to Philip Atkins for ke

Vote FOR Mental Health and Recovery Services Tomorrow

The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board has been providing vital services to our communities for almost 50 years. I invite you to check out the breadth of services and programming available to each of our communities at Whether it is training teachers in the PAX Good Behavior Game to prevent substance abuse or responding to a school crisis or reaching out and providing child psychiatry through an iPad, The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board is committed to being there for families and children. We’ve proven our commitment to the community by funding a 24 hour crisis center with 16 beds, and any-day-of-the-week walk in services to make sure that anyone wh

We Make It Our Business - We Care at Work

Two years ago the Lima / Allen County Chamber of Commerce and the Allen Economic Development Group partnered with the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board to designed a unique and innovative strategy to help employers keep good workers and to help workers stay on the job. We called it - We Care at Work. The problem we faced was that there were more jobs available in our counties than there were workers. Can you believe it? There were jobs going unfilled in our communities! One of the biggest reasons was that many workers applying for jobs could not pass a simple drug screen. And random drug screens of already employed workers were turning up positive. The situation was hurting our e

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