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What is YOUR Dream?

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! That's the reason most of us do not follow our dreams. So as you can imagine, my dream is to be able to draw. But for so many years I have made 1000 excuses. Here are a few of mine - and they are really, really good ones because I have procrastinated almost 40 years (which is a really long time to procrastinate!) Anyway, here is just how good I am at putting off my own dream: I have worked hard all day and am too tired to do anything I don't really know how to draw and whatever I do will look stupid I have to take the kids, pick up the kids, drop the kids, change the kids There are more important things I should be doing I am way to tired It will look stupid I don'

What's Up with Prevention Anyway?

A doodle that "prevented" me from falling asleep during a training! This month the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board will be highlighting the importance of prevention. Simple mental wellness practices like gratitude, positive thinking, meditation, and forgiveness can have a lasting impact and create an emotionally healthier environment where you, your family, your friends, your co-workers can thrive. Many forms of mental illness and substance abuse can be prevented or their impact can be greatly reduced through a variety of programs that provide early identification, positive parenting and teaching skills, and the daily practice of wellness. For example, the greatest deterrent f

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