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Light Up Your Brain: The Secret is in Your Seat

Sometimes the storms of life can throw us off balance and even threaten to uproot us. Worries, anxieties and fears can sap us of the very joy for living that we seek. You might be a young person worried about being accepted or fearful of the future. You might be someone caring for patients, clients, or even family members. You might be busy taking care of customers. And rather than feeling fulfilled or excited about this you experience a feeling of dread or even impending doom that sidelines you. The more this kind of feeling goes unrecognized the more debilitating it becomes until you begin to believe that life is more of a sentence than a gift. Dr. Eric Gentry in his work with peopl

There are Many Paths to Recovery

Have you noticed how many diet plans there are? People are passionate about the diet that worked for them. Yet the most important thing is not “the how” but the outcome which is a healthy body at a healthy weight. The same is true whether you’re facing a mental illness, an addiction, or a substance use disorder, there are many ways to get to the finish line which is a vibrant life filled with joy. And this requires a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy spirit. Some people find their path leads them to a faith based approach like Celebrate Recovery which has had an amazing impact on the lives of hundreds of people in our community. Others find that AA or NA is the most effective

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