St. Rita’s Medical Center Opioid Withdrawal and Linkage Program 

St. Rita’s Medical Center has developed an Opioid Withdrawal and Linkage Program within the hospital. A team of experts in the withdrawal process will help with the treatment and support needed to manage withdrawal successfully. The Opioid Withdrawal team consists of a physician, nurses, a recovery coach, and a substance abuse specialist. The physician and nurse will direct care according to St. Rita’s Withdrawal Protocol. A recovery coach and substance abuse specialist from Coleman Professional Services will meet with all patients to provide support and linkage to next steps services such as outpatient treatment and medication assisted treatment. For more information or a referral into this program, please contact St. Rita’s Medical Center or Coleman Professional Services. Coleman does all screening and referrals for admissions into the Opioid Withdrawal Program at St. Rita’s Medical Center.

Meet Susan Hawk

The We Care People would like to highlight Susan Hawk of St. Rita’s Medical Center. We are very grateful for Susan’s hard work and dedication in the development of the Opioid Withdrawal and Linkage Program at St. Rita’s Medical Center. Susan currently serves as Behavioral Health Chief of Clinical Integration for Mercy Health including Behavioral Health Clinical Operations at St. Rita’s Medical Center.  She has worked at St. Rita’s since 2009 focusing on the development of a continuum of behavioral health care. Prior to joining Mercy Health, Susan worked in community mental health for 24 years with youth and families with behavioral health disorders in a variety of roles including outpatient, home-based, and school-based treatment. Susan received her Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Dayton. Susan is a Supervising Counselor and a Licensed Social Worker.  She resides in Lima with her husband.  She has two daughters and three grandsons. 

Opioid Withdrawal Management

Coleman Professional Services is now offering opioid withdrawal management at their Crisis Stabilization Unit at 797 S. Main Street in Lima. Coleman’s Crisis Stabilization Unit is 15 beds and is a voluntary unit. The unit staff includes a medical prescriber, nurses, counselors, a pharmacist, and mental health technicians.  Services will include a short-term residential stay and are designed for individuals with moderate withdrawal needs who require 24-hour support and monitoring to complete withdrawal to improve their opportunities for success. Individuals who successfully withdrawal from opiates will continue their treatment beyond their residential stay. They will be connected to several agencies in the community who offer medication assisted treatment and recovery services, including Coleman Professional Services.

Meet Annie Edwards

Annie Edwards is volunteering at the Crisis Stabilization Unit. Annie has made huge progress in her recovery and is doing some great things for Coleman. Annie has spoken at several Coleman Coffee Events, facilitates Wellness Management and Recovery in Auglaize County, has run Changing Seasons in Auglaize County and will be starting a training program for Coleman clients who need to learn how to navigate our city bus system called “Bus Buddy”. When asked what or who has helped her to reach the point in her life where she is today, Annie said, “A lot of people, Coleman in general, I don't dare name names in fear of leaving someone out. Everyone at Coleman has helped me in one way or another. My sister, brother-in-law, my friends and God has also helped me a lot."

If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

529 S. Elizabeth St.

Lima, OH 45804