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Spontaneous Overflow Reflecting in Tranquility

The Official Blog of Michael Schoenhofer, Executive Director

Wellness Welcome

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For years now I have been exploring mental wellness. It has been both a personal and professional journey to learn more about what it takes to stay well. I am becoming more and more interested in what it takes to live a full and vibrant life in whatever circumstance I find myself.

I had to unlearn an idea that wellness was something a few people either inherited genetically or inherited because of personal wealth. I had to unlearn that doing what was life giving for me was not something that I had to wait to win the lottery or retire.

Wellness and well-being are available to us all regardless of disability, situation, state in life, or age. That is because living a full, vibrant, and fulfilling life has everything to do with the choices we each make.

These writings are part of my own journey of discovery that I want to share with you. I have found the topics and the practices interesting, engaging, and worth trying.

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If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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