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Five Ways to Practice Feeling Good

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Feeling good doesn't totally depend on what happens outside of you. It has more to do with what is going on inside of you. It is so easy to blame a boss, colleague or significant other for your bad humor. We have all practiced blame and we're good at it. I have noticed that a lot of what I experience depends on what I expect in that moment. A grouchy server in a restaurant becomes gentler because I make it my intention to smile whenever I speak to her. When a meeting starts with a joke or a little fun the group relaxes and solutions are forthcoming to big problems in unexpected ways. Here are five ways to practice feeling good. See if one of these fits and then give it a try. 1. Meditation or Prayer - Many people find that spending a few moments throughout the day becoming intentionally mindful of their breath and taking a short break just to close their eyes and focus on breathing is relaxing and rejuvenating. Other people find that just whispering a short prayer or mantra relaxes and refocuses them -- even in the middle of a meeting. 2. Get Up - We all sit too much and just the act of getting up and stretching or walking to the water cooler or a quick lap around the building gets the blood flowing. You feel refreshed. 3. Connect with someone - It's so easy to become isolated and there is nothing worse for our sense of well being. Take a moment to connect with a colleague, a child, or a friend. The connection is re-energizing and a little chit chat can make you more productive. 4. Drink some water - Water has so many qualities that refresh, renew, and revitalize us. Coffee, energy drinks, and diet pop can leach nutrients from you leaving you feeling energy at first and then tired and dragging shortly after. Try a glass of water a few times a day. 5. Sleep - Getting enough sleep every night revitalizes your organs with a flow of growth hormone and revitalizes your nervous system, mind, and memory in REM cycles. Prepare to sleep by winding down with a good book, some herbal tea, and soft lighting. Watching the latest murder mystery on TV or working on your electronic devices up to the minute you hit the sack makes sleeping difficult. Choose one that feels right for you and practice.

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