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Spontaneous Overflow Reflecting in Tranquility

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Last Tuesday was amazing! This was such an effort on the part of everyone to make sure that our message got out. Thanks especially to Bobbie Spence and her son Scott who travelled all over the three counties. Thanks to Sandy and Eddie Monfort who organized over 50 walkers and who walked miles and miles themselves. Thanks to Margaret Lawerence who made things happen with the Coleman staff. Thanks to Modo Media for their creativity and especially for their tolerance at my constant "updating." Thanks to Laura Ulrick for her amazing efforts on Facebook. Thanks to Kelly Monroe for those great articles in our newsletter - We are looking forward to more. Thanks to Philip Atkins for keeping me as calm as he could through these weeks. Thanks to Amy and Chris for keeping the ship running during these wild last days. Thanks to all who kept asking for more signs and who passed out over 6000 cards to people. Thanks to everyone and to everything you all did! Mike

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