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Walking to Work

On Monday this week I began walking to work again. It's 2.5 miles each way and takes me a little over 40 minutes each morning and evening. I love it. Setting off about 7:00 I get to see the world waking up. This time in the Spring the air is alive with the sound of birds. The trees are all budding out and the spring flowers just seem to light my way. My wife Mary walks with me to our half way point which is a beautiful pine tree planted in honor of my mother who died eight years ago. It's right near the playground on the east end of Faurot Park. I am on my own then and when I cross the bridge to the Rotary River Walk I am really in another world. Here on the banks of the river I see two pair of geese and their goslings. The father goose is quite protective and I keep my distance. There are two sets of duck parents with their ducklings and I get "quacked at" from them too. Right now the river is full and muddy but later on when things settle the river is actually quite clear and it's fun to spot fish just under the surface looking for a bite to eat. Two young boys buzz by me on their bikes rushing off to school startling me from my nature reverie. I am not out to win a race. Just looking for a few moments to enjoy the beauty I miss when I am cooped up inside all winter. I have wondered as I walk how all of this life in nature is journeying along with me quite unaware and I am filled with awe that there is such beauty right under my nose. I feel so lucky to be able to walk to and from work for these next six months - I am a fair weather walker! Try it one day. It's addictive.

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