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There are Many Paths to Recovery

Have you noticed how many diet plans there are? People are passionate about the diet that worked for them. Yet the most important thing is not “the how” but the outcome which is a healthy body at a healthy weight. The same is true whether you’re facing a mental illness, an addiction, or a substance use disorder, there are many ways to get to the finish line which is a vibrant life filled with joy. And this requires a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy spirit. Some people find their path leads them to a faith based approach like Celebrate Recovery which has had an amazing impact on the lives of hundreds of people in our community. Others find that AA or NA is the most effective way for them and the support they receive from the regular meetings and their sponsor has brought them to sobriety and clarity of thinking. Still others find that intensive therapy and medication assistance has helped them to discover a new life. And there are still many other paths like meditation, mindfulness, support groups and the list goes on. The fact that there are as many paths to recovery as there are people seeking recovery is the hallmark of a new framework called: Recovery Oriented System of Care. It acknowledges that mental illness and addiction are chronic illnesses that need ongoing attention just like someone who is dealing with high blood pressure, or diabetes. A Recovery Oriented System of Care identifies that the client and family are the ones who set the priorities for treatment and that professionals are there to support and encourage them on their way to recovery. Finally a Recovery Oriented System of Care embraces the fact that there are hundreds of paths to recovery and our job as professionals, family, friends and the community is to assist each person on their own journey. A journey that will surely mean both successes and stumbles. This philosophy is being embraced by the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board and its provider agencies. Our goal is to ensure easy and barrier-free access to services, a service array that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual, and a supportive system and community that assists and encourages each person as they travel this life long road of recovery. We call this – RECOVERY IS BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t watched our latest video that portrays the many faces of those whose lives are becoming more joyful and vibrant and whose hope and dreams are no different than anyone else – you are missing a real gem. Take a look:

We are all in recovery from something – a difficult relationship, a troubled upbringing, struggle with weight, job loss, being bullied or even abused. We all can find a way to experience the vibrant and joy filled life we deserve. But you can’t just think about it – you have to take a step. And we are all here ready for you when you are ready.

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