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Thoughts By Myself #2

We are now on a Stay-at-Home order from the Governor. I feel anxious because I don’t know how long it will last. I feel safe not being exposed to catching the virus. I feel concerned about my three children in Chicago. I feel antsy not being able to get out, socialize, or travel. That last feeling is strange for me since I am a certified introvert. I took the Myers & Briggs Personality Test many times during the previous 30 years, and I always came out an introvert. So why is social distancing a problem for me?

I am not a party animal. I don't host large gatherings. Hanging out with close friends, my children, attending a symphony, and going to a restaurant are enjoyable. All that is now off-limits. My wife, Mary, came up with an ingenious plan yesterday. We did a Facebook Messenger Video Chat with all three of our kids in Chicago. It was great to see them and talk to them. They were even happy to video chat with us, that’s how absolutely bored they must be right now.

Here are a few ideas for virtual connection other people created:

• parties,

• choirs singing together, and

• actors entertaining us.

WLIO featured a friend’s daughter singing outdoors to senior citizens who came to the window or out on their balcony to listen (just before the stay-at-home order). The most significant danger of sheltering in place and social distancing is isolation. With a little technology and some imagination, we can stay connected.

Here is your tip for today. Find whatever App you use to video chat: Face Time, Messenger, etc. And reach out to someone today. You can even make it a party. Most Apps let you include multiple people.

Connect with someone.

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