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Thoughts by Myself #13–Outrage

I’ve Overdosed on Outrage, Anger, and Resentment.

I overdosed on outrage today. In headlines in the news and in comments on social media, everyone seems outraged. Not concerned. Not wanting to offer another opinion. Not looking for common ground or shared interests. Everything I read about is how someone believes that someone else is perpetrating a high crime that needs to be stamped out, wiped-out, and extinguished.

Curiosity seems to have faded into a distant memory. There is no interest in learning another point of view. No. It is you are on my side and share my opinion, or you need to be executed - perhaps a firing squad or a slow, painful death. Outrage feels as big a pandemic as the C-Virus.

I’ve read all the “outrage” articles, posts, and comments I need for a lifetime.

I overdosed on outrage. I am practicing compassion.

I am thinking about friends and family members who have lost a dear loved one during this time, where even their grief is isolated from the comfort of shared consolation. I am thinking about the health care workers who report to the hospital every day offering their lives for the healing of others. I am thinking about the mental health and addiction therapists offering consolation to troubled people. Heck, I am thinking about the guys and gals stocking shelves so I have something to eat. They give me hope.

Most of us feel more out of control than we’ve ever felt before. We share this feeling with people across the globe. We feel afraid for our lives, the lives of our loved ones, the economy, and the future. Fear and uncertainty are at the bottom of all this outrage. We are trying to regain a little of the power we lost because faced with the C-Virus, we all feel small and insecure.

I am letting go of resentment.

Outrage and anger drain my energy and motivation. I am trading in outrage for gratitude and compassion. And I extend this to myself, and everyone who feels overwhelmed right now. I want to look at what uplifts me during this challenging time, the people who step out of their corner of judgment, accusation, vitriol, and grandstanding to help people in need and who are suffering.

Today I choose – Gratitude! Compassion! Humility!

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