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Seventh Day Adventist Church

1976 Spencerville Road

Lima, OH  45802

Education & Support Groups
2nd + 4th Tuesday of Each Month
7:00 PM
Seventh Day Adventist Church
1976 Spencerville Road
Lima, OH 45802


Who We Are

National Alliance on Mental Illness is a nationwide grassroots organization which was founded in 1979 and exists solely for the purpose of providing aid and comfort to those suffering from any type of mental illness and their families. NAMI really makes a difference in the lives of those who struggle with the crisis and the many difficulties that go along with mental illness. 



NAMI Hope Alliance's objective is to help other families cope and better understand mental health issues. We are family members with a loved one who has a mental illness. We understand the daily struggles and join together to help one another. 



Mental Illness is Common
• One in every four families will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives.
• Mental illnesses account for a large percentage of hospital stays each year.
• Effective treatments exist for mental illness.
• Many families hesitate to get medical treatment due to the stigma and fear associated with mental illness.
• Mental illness is like any other illness and is completely treatable.

Family to Family
• Family to Family is a free thirteen session course especially designed for family members and loved ones of the mentally ill. 
• Topics include the nature and causes of mental illness, current medications in use, how to deal more effectively with a mentally ill loved one, and other timely topics.
• Family to Family is only presented twice a year. Please call to get more information or enroll.


The next session starts Sept 20th from 7 until 9 pm,1976 Spencerville Road. Classes are free and materials are provided.To register call  419-692-2480.


Mental Illness is an Illness Like Any Other
• Mental illness is common. As a matter of fact, statistics indicate that one in four families will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives. In spite of the fact that so many families are effected by mental illness, very few know about or understand its treatment.



The Myths of Mental Illness
• People with mental illness are violent and dangerous. The truth is that, as a group, mentally ill people are no more violent than any other group. In fact, they are much more likely to be the victims of violence than to be violent themselves.
• Mental illness is caused by a personal weakness. A mental illness is not a character flaw. It has nothing to do with being weak or lacking will-power.
• It is an illness. They do not choose to be ill.



+ We Care Crisis Center

Family Resource Center


Coleman Health Services

Auglaize We Care Center

Hardin We Care Center





If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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