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"To Reach Out and Provide Vital Prevention and Treatment to Any Resident"

Our Values


Believe in recovery for every person.

Assist people in recognizing their own strengths and assets and that their future will be better than their present.


Give each person immediate attention.

Listen, assess, educate and take action.


Give of yourself.

Provide expertise, immediate attention, and compassion.

Our Responsibilities

Ohio's Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Boards are the "HUB" of the local Recovery-Oriented System of Care. Boards engage local partners to educate, advocate, coordinate, and facilitate the programs, services, and supports needed for individuals, families, and communities. In order to meet their statutory duties, Boards are responsible for the following:

  • Complete Continuum of Care

  • Client Protection

  • Client Coordination

  • Housing Development/Management

  • Community Education and Awareness

  • Critical Incident Management

Chad Dunlap - Auglaize County

Tyler Smith - Ohio MHAS

Tracy Wright - Ohio MHAS

Amber Martin Ohio MHAS

Mary Early - Allen County

Brooke Featheringhom - Ohio MHAS

Jody Shaw - Ohio MHAS

Aaron McLaurine - Allen County

Robert Warren - Auglaize County

Mark Huber- Auglaize County

Kim Reisinger - Hardin County

Amy Freymuth - Ohio MHAS

Barbara Link - Allen County

Matt Manns - Hardin County

James Bronder - Ohio MHAS

Board of Directors

Employee Directory

Tammie Colon

Executive Director

Katie Walker

Clinical Director

Kelly Monroe

Associate Director

Trisha Smith

Office Manager

Sheri Strawn

Fiscal Director

Dan Faraglia

Crisis Infrastructure Specialist

Amy Morman

Associate Fiscal Officer

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