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Virtual Resources for People in Recovery


Online/App-Based Recovery Supports

Connections A smartphone app that allows people to track their recovery progress, access e-therapy, learn new recovery skills, connect with counselors and peers through messaging, track treatment plan and set reminders, journal, access videos and testimonials through the resource library. The app also provides clinical support 7 days/week (9 AM – 10 PM EST). Resources in the app are evidence-based and proven to reduce relapse. The app was developed as a partnership between Addiction Policy Forum and CHESS Health. It is currently free. Future pricing is unclear.

My Life Link

My Life Link is a smartphone app that provides community and connection to people in recovery. The platform provides users a chance to connect, share, start and continue a path of recovery together. Using the app, people can track their recovery journey, monitor daily actions that support recovery and encourage others’ actions, connect and chat with a recovery community based on shared interests, and discover blogs, podcasts and resources that support and promote recovery. My Life Link is free.

My Recovery Link

Recovery meetings, Cross Fit classes, guided meditations, 24/7 chat, to yoga. Currently free. There is usually a $50/month membership fee for individuals.

In The Rooms

Virtual all recovery meetings, co-occurring mental health, NA, AA, OA, etc.

WEconnect & Unity Recovery

Virtual all recovery meetings 7 days a week at 9 am , 12 pm, 3 pm, 9 pm EST.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Virtual 12-step recovery meetings

SMART Recovery

Virtual SMART Recovery meetings

Young People in Recovery

Virtual Meetings

Louisville Recovery Community Connection

Virtual “hangouts,” all recovery meetings, 12-step recovery meetings, recovery coaching appointments

Voices of Hope

Virtual all recovery meetings, 12-step recovery meetings, recovery coaching appointments

Unity Yoga/Unity Recovery

Virtual Yoga Classes

SAMSHA Virtual Recovery

Various resources for virtual recovery

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