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MHRSB Branding Resources

We're thrilled to announce that the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin Counties has a new logo as part of our rebrand!

Over the past fifty years, we've adapted our services to better meet the needs of those we serve. It was time to redefine our identity through a fresh logo and renewed mission.

Empowering Mental Health & Recovery Since 1968—at the heart of our mission lies a legacy of support and empowerment. For over five decades, the Mental Health Recovery Services Board has been dedicated to the residents of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin Counties.

Our three pillars, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, form the cornerstone of our commitment. Prevention involves empowering residents in need with knowledge to safeguard their mental well-being. When treatment is required, MHRSB provides access to tailored resources. Recovery is our ultimate goal—ensuring residents get the help they need.

Together, we are dedicated to empowering residents with the tools and assistance for their path to recovery.

Download our new logos below! 

MHRSB Logo - Seal.png

Primary Logo

MHRSB Logo - Vertical.png

Vertical Logo

MHRSB Logo - Horizontal.png

Horizontal Logo

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