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June 2024

MHRSB Funded Criminal Justice Services

The Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin Counties provides Criminal Justice services in all three counties. These services include Pretrial Services, Jail Navigation, Drug Court Coordination, and Peer Support Services.

We partner with and fund services in:

  • Lima Municipal Court

  • Allen Juvenile Court

  • Auglaize County Jail

  • Hardin County Recovery Court

  • Hardin County Family Court

  • Multi-County Correctional Facility

Allen County

MHRSB partners with Lima Municipal Court to fund Pretrial Services. Pretrial Services provide immediate access to treatment services for those charged with substance-related misdemeanors. These services aim to decrease recidivism or reduce repeat offenses. These services reduce jail bed days as well.

We also partner with Allen Juvenile Court to fund Behavioral Health Coordination, which increases access to behavioral health services for youth involved with Juvenile Court. These youth are provided service coordination, behavioral health screenings, assessments, and connection to treatment services.

Along with these court partnerships, the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board is a member of the Goodwill Re-Entry Coalition. The Coalition brings together many community stakeholders to ensure citizens returning to the community from incarceration have all the services and resources to become successful.

Judge Tammie Hursh and Judge John Payne share how Pretrial Services help people get treatment when they enter the local court system.

Auglaize County

Partnering with the Auglaize County Jail, the MHRSB funds their Jail Behavioral Health Coordination. This service connects those incarcerated to treatment services for mental health and substance use disorders. Those preparing for re-entry to the community are linked to relevant supports and programs. This service also facilitates groups like Chance to Change and Anger Management in the jail.

Sheriff Vorhees in Auglaize County was interviewed last fall for the 5-year renewal levy. He shared about the MHRSB funded services in the Auglaize County Jail and the importance of those services.

Hardin County

Wings Support and Recovery Services expanded Peer Support Services to Hardin County Courts with MHRSB funding and continues to offer those services to Hardin County Children Services. Peer Support Services is a strengths-based support for people with addictions. Wings works with outpatient organizations serving individuals with substance use disorders to provide peer support services.

The MHRSB continued funding Court Coordination for both Recovery Court and Family Court. Court Coordination helps connect individuals in those courts to the relevant services they need.

To ensure access to care for residents, we offer Jail Navigation through Coleman Health Services to the Multi-County Correctional Facility. These are navigation services for Hardin County residents re-entering the community from the Multi-County Correctional Facility. Coleman connects individuals with treatment services, including medically assisted treatment, as well as other community resources to promote stability and decrease recidivism.

Hear from Wings Support and Recovery about their Peer Support Services for people referred from the Hardin County Recovery Court.

Learn more about your Mental Health & Recovery Services Board and local funded services on our updated website at

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