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Mindful Mike & the Quivering Ripple of Anxiousness

A Quivering Ripple of Anxiousness A number of people have asked me about my anxiety experience and sharing with me their own story. I told someone that I could tell when my anxiety feelings were rising because I could feel this “quivering ripple of anxiousness” forming inside me. It was not a full blown impending doom experience but just this tiny nervous quivering like hearing the distant rumble of thunder or feeling the sudden coolness just before the dark clouds of a storm roll in. For decades I ignored this warning and then the storm would roll in and I would be in the midst of IMPENDING DOOM. The quivering ripple of anxiousness sucked me in because I would wonder to myself – What is thi

Optimism is Actually a Choice!

Lunch with my brother Fred I had lunch with my brother on Saturday at Bob Evans in Sidney. It’s the halfway point for us between Dayton and Lima. During lunch he asked me, “So what’s happening with you?” I told him, “I’m blogging about my experience of anxiety.” “I didn’t know you had anxiety,” he said, “so what’s it like. Maybe I have anxiety too.” His openness and curiosity were so encouraging to me. I told him about feeling a sense of impending doom that just comes over me for no good reason. “It’s not like someone just announced there’s an atom bomb about to be dropped, or that the Martians are on their way to take over Lima or what it must feel like to hear a doctor tell you that you ha

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