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A Wild Season in a Wild Year

I’m just able to cope. I worked at the Board of Elections one afternoon to help take temperatures during early voting. During my shift, there must have been 200 people. And everyone seemed excited to be voting. Everyone was kind regardless of their voting preference, age, or culture. One guy told me he was 100 years old. Another told me he’d fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam–he was 95. One fellow stood in line a bit too long and needed to sit down for a moment. A few had campaign shirts or masks that they covered up when I told them it was against the law to wear campaign material in a polling area. Everyone was kind. Everyone wore masks. Everyone was glad to have their temps taken. Despite

Trust or Fear? It’s a Choice

When I retired over a year ago, my wife, Mary, and I planned to spend much of our time traveling the world. Well, that plan changed dramatically in March. So, we refocused from going to far-off places to making trips closer to home. We love camping and hiking so, as soon as the state parks reopened, we packed up our tent and headed out. Recently we went for a week of camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With highs in the low 50s and the lows at night in the 40s, we felt the cold. Our campfires in the evening and the morning were warming. We discovered the joy of a hot cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire watching the sunrise. And the peace of sitting in front of the same fire with

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