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Thoughts By Myself #3 - Life is changing.

A month ago, I got excited the night before we flew to Palm Springs, California, for a week in the desert sun. I was looking forward to hiking in the mountains. This evening I find myself excited because Walmart is opening at 6:00 AM for seniors; an hour before the store opens. In less than a month, I embraced my new status as part of the “frail elderly”. Oh, how things have changed! That is one of the hardest parts of this social distancing experience, so much seems out of my control. We cancelled our plans and excursions for the coming months, maybe longer. The cause is invisible. It is lurking in my fellow shoppers, waiting for me on the pump handles at the gas station, and ready to attac

Thoughts By Myself #2

We are now on a Stay-at-Home order from the Governor. I feel anxious because I don’t know how long it will last. I feel safe not being exposed to catching the virus. I feel concerned about my three children in Chicago. I feel antsy not being able to get out, socialize, or travel. That last feeling is strange for me since I am a certified introvert. I took the Myers & Briggs Personality Test many times during the previous 30 years, and I always came out an introvert. So why is social distancing a problem for me? I am not a party animal. I don't host large gatherings. Hanging out with close friends, my children, attending a symphony, and going to a restaurant are enjoyable. All that is now off

Thoughts By Myself #1

As anyone who’s read my writing over the past few years knows, I am an anxious person in good times and in bad. It’s not a fault, it’s being consistent. COVID19 has ramped up my anxiousness a lot. In this brief message and the ones to follow, I will share a bit about what I am doing to take care of myself, my family, my colleagues, and my fellow shoppers. My wife and I recently took an early morning outing to Walmart, keeping social distancing in mind. Walmart, Meijer, Chief, and Aldi are the way we socialize now. Everyone was friendly, even those who didn't get the last packages of toilet paper. It amazed us. Usually, many shop heads down with a frown on their face, but on this early mornin

Thoughts By Myself

I am taking a break from the usual Overflow content for the next few months to focus on tips and ideas to maintain mental wellness. I will be sharing some of my experiences as well as thoughts from experts. I am calling the series “Thoughts by Myself.” First a small confession. When I learned that Governor DeWine issued a stay at home order I did some panic buying. Since I didn’t know how long the order would be in place I drove to Stock & Field (formerly Big R) and bought 24 bags of mushroom compost. I even forced a young worker to help me load my cache of compost. We all do what we need to do to feel safe. I can relax now with 24 bags of compost for my garden in the backyard. The first lit

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