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Thoughts in Uncertainty #4

Same Storm, Different Boats There is so much grim news surrounding us these days. Will I have a job? Will I get sick? Will someone I love die? Will there be another Great Depression? We are all having such unique experiences during this time. Here are people I’ve met while maintaining social distance. Health Care Worker—I talked to a health care worker who is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and stress happening in her world these days. So many expectations and the feelings of danger and exposing herself and her family to the virus. She is grateful that so many people are wearing face coverings and social distancing. Grief & Loss—My brother-in-Law lost two uncles, a friend lost her

Thoughts in Uncertainty #3

Stay Loose! Every year, Mary and I take part in the bi-annual pedestrian and bike count for Allen County. Mary takes care of getting us signed up. So, on Saturday morning, when I woke up, she announced that she signed me up to count today. Mary only remembered to get us signed up the night before after I was already in bed. “All right.” I wasn’t happy about this disruption of my morning plans. I had to sit out on the bike path for two hours sometime between 7:00 AM and 12:00 Noon. So, I waited until the last moment and made it to my spot on the bike path at 9:50. My assigned place was near the pedestrian bridge across the Ottawa River at Faurot Park. It was a beautiful morning, and I grizzle

Thoughts in Uncertainty #2

A Lesson in Humility These days, instead of flying to Europe or visiting a National Park, I go grocery shopping. My big trip today took over two hours. It took so long because I was trying to see through my glasses, which kept fogging up because of my face covering. I was also trying to keep a safe distance from my fellow shoppers, which meant a lot of stopping and stepping aside. An enormous part of my problem was how much of the time I spent judging everyone. Two Gen Z young women seemed to take up enough space for ten or twelve people. Then there were the Boomers of my Gen. Some of them would stop in the middle of the aisle and stare at a section of shelving as if waiting for what they wa

Thoughts in Uncertainty #1

I Told an Old Lady to Back Off Today. I was out shopping today at our local grocery store. I only had a few items to get and was having trouble finding what I wanted. There was no sherry for one of our recipes and no rhubarb for a pie we wanted to make. A little old lady in a surgical mask went by me the wrong way on the one-way system of aisles in the store. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she started out backing down the aisle to stay within the one-way guidelines. She found this backing maneuver so tricky that when she was almost at the end of the aisle, she whipped her basket around and sped toward the spot where I was standing. I jumped back to let her pass. Afterward,

Thoughts in Uncertainty

This is interesting. I wonder what will happen next. In this next series of writings, I search for inspiration to help me live fully as feelings of fear and anxiousness arise. Pema Chödrön’s book, When Things Fall Apart, helped me to put things into perspective. “Sometimes we are cornered. Everything falls apart. We run out of options for escape. There’s nowhere to hide. And I have to face the reality of this moment.” She writes, “The next time you encounter fear, count yourself lucky.” I want to discover what this means by stopping and leaning in to this moment that seems pretty unique and important for everyone. Normally I am facing a situation of fear or anxiousness alone, something that

Thoughts by Myself #17 - A Walk in the Woods

Love and Live in this Moment. This afternoon was so lovely and sunny that I took a walk in Hermon Woods on my own. It is so different when you are alone in the woods because I am not tempted to have a big conversation - there isn't anyone to talk to. So as I walked, I noticed stuff. A red-headed woodpecker seemed to follow me on my walk, flitting back and forth in the top branches of the trees. Later I discovered that there were two woodpeckers. Then I watched a Nuthatch creeping along the trunks of a tree. The floor of the woods was filling up with color. Little flowers of white, purple, and yellow were popping up everywhere. Small plants that looked like miniature umbrellas were emerging t

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