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What Are You Looking For? How the Detroit Lions Helped Me Out at a Dark Time

Zimbabwe I lived and worked with a team in Zimbabwe, Africa, from 1984 to 1989. We lived among the Tonga people to help them find ways out of their oppressive poverty and starvation. When we went out to visit, their plight of disease and famine would hit us in the face. Yet every evening, we heard the sounds of music coming from nearby villages. We always wondered how people with so little could find anything to celebrate. They would sing and drum and dance for hours with the light from their fires reflecting on their faces and lighting up the night. Lions vs. Packers 1986 In November 1986, I visited the farthest outposts of our territory; a four-hour drive from our central station, which w

The Magic of Breathing: Stop and Smell the Roses

It is so easy to take each breath or breathing for granted, yet it is the very essence of life. Breathing is effortless and doesn't require an annual subscription. As I grow older and realize I might be a bit out of shape, breathing becomes more front and center. Mary and I decided to do some hiking recently on a trip to Lancaster, Ohio. The terrain in that part of the state is moderately hilly, and there are some steep climbs. On one particularly grueling hill, I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. "I need to get in shape," I said between gulps of air. Breathing impacts our entire life, even more than being physically fit or unfit. Did you ever notice how we tighten up when we feel

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