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Making a Difference in this Generation - School Coordinators

For the past year the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board has provided School Coordinators from Family Resource Centers and SAFY to every school district in Allen, Auglaize and Hardin Counties. These School Coordinators work with each "building team" to develop educational and support programs to help kids thrive. But these coordinators also help to identify kids at risk and get them to treatment through a suicide prevention program called Teen Screen. They also work with at risk groups of students to help them cope with the everyday stress of school and to help keep them on track. And each School Coordinator is a trained coach for teachers who are using the PAX Good Behavior Game. These guys are busy! These School Coordinators are on the front lines to make sure kids get connected to the services they need and to help parents navigate the local system of care easily and effectively. In the past year hundreds of young people have benefited from this outreach effort with the simple goal of doing whatever we need to do to help kids thrive and succeed. With the 1 ml. levy we can make sure this vital program continues.

We can make a difference in this generation.

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