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The Official Blog of Michael Schoenhofer, Executive Director

Reach Out and Provide Vital Prevention and Treatment

"I never knew there were so many services available." That is a comment we hear all the time after people discover the extent of the mental health and substance abuse treatment programs and services available for children and adults. It is a constant challenge to try to keep people informed about the extensive services available to children and adults.

A few years ago the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board launched an effort to reach out through Facebook, Twitter, and a new website. The goal was to expand the ways that people can get the information they need about local mental health and recovery services. was launched three years ago and today has a completely new look thanks to Modo Media. In addition WeCarePeople has a Facebook page managed by Laura Ulrick of PVFF. And all of this feeds into Twitter. The mission of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board is to "reach out and provide vital prevention and treatment services to any resident." Facebook, Twitter, and our Website are a few ways that we try to make that happen. Check us out. The 1 ml. levy will help us to continue to reach out to people who need this help. We all deserve to feel good and this is one way the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board is making that happen for our communities. Help Us Care!

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If you are in crisis call 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or text 741 741.

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