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Look Again - Four Steps to Inner Peace

Your first impression is not always correct. Sometimes you just have to step back and look again. What you thought you saw the first time isn't always right. Take judgement, criticism, or blame for instance. Why not give someone or even yourself another chance? Why not, just for an instant, assume that maybe your idea is not correct? I think you will be surprised at what you see now. So try this on for size:

  • BREATHE - Step back a moment and take a breath - we're all in such a hurry that our snap judgements don't take in all the facts. Give yourself a moment to take a breath. Go ahead, try it now, practice - Take a deep breath. Take another.

  • LOOK - Now instead of making assumptions about "good" or "bad," just look at the person, the situation, the idea. Right. Just look at it. Watch it as if you are watching TV. Watch it as if it was a movie that really has nothing to do with you.

  • NAME IT - Now give it a name. Maybe it is "angry" or it is "disappointed" or it is "exciting." Whatever you come up with. Now just quietly say the name to yourself or out loud.

  • WATCH IT - There it is. It is no longer hidden. You are no longer afraid. It is just there. You may be surprised that what seemed like a big ferocious lion is really just a noisy kitten looking for attention.

Most of the time we are wrong. So just accept the fact that you probably don't have all the facts and take a moment to just "look again."

You'll be surprised at what you see!

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